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Adjust-A-Thrust for Yamaha PWC and Jet Boats

Stock Yamaha jet pumps are not the most efficient design in the world of PWC jet pumps. The stator hub is small, and the bowl of the exit nozzle is a huge. The introduction of 155 pump in í95 on the Raider 1100 was great. A bigger pump moved more water, right? Yamaha moved more water through the 155 pump, but they did it just as inefficiently as the 144 pump! These pumps donít do a very good job of maintaining water velocity through the pump. The Adjust-A-Thrust is larger than the stock tailcone, because of this there is less space to fill before water exits the pump, allowing a higher water velocity to be maintained through the pump. Maintaining water velocity really helps in rough water, it is easier to maintain a higher speed in rough water with the Adjust-A-Thrust installed.

Most stock Yamaha nozzles have enough meat on them to bore out 2mm. If you want more low end, the stock exit nozzle can be bored, or you can install a lighter pitched impeller. If you ever tow skiers or boarders, this makes the job of getting them on plane much easier. 

Installation on the Yamaha pumps is the easiest of all. If your hands are small enough to fit into the exit nozzle, it takes about 10 minutes. The Adjust-A-Thrust also fits Yamaha jet boats.

Our Yam2 and Yam3 units are angled to match the water flow of the 3 or 5 degree exit nozzles found on many Yamaha Models.

YAM 1  --  All Yamaha PWC and Jet Boats. designed for the 144mm and 155mm pumps  that are running a straight exit nozzle. Fits SJ 90-04, WRIII 91-97 GP700, VXR/VXR PRO, BLASTER, B2, ALL RAIDER 94-97 GP1200 97-99, VENTURE 1100, XL1200 98-99 .5 to 1.5 mph  gain over the stock cone. 

Yam1 - $169.00    

Yam2 -- Fits all Yamaha 155mm pumps with 3 or 5 degree nozzle.  Fits GPR1200 99-02, XLT1200 99-02, FX140, GPR1300, GP800. This unit has the shuttle pocket machined at a 4 degree angle  and helps center the shuttle in the bore of the nozzle. On GPR1200 and XL1200, the AAT  noticeably reduces cavitation providing better hookup in the chop. Gains  are .5 to 1.5 over the stock cone. 

Yam2 - $179.00      

Yam3 -- Fits Yamaha 155mm pumps with 75mm hub (HO pump) and 3 or 5 degree nozzle.  '04- '05 FX140HO and  05 GPR1300. This unit has the shuttle pocket machined at a 4 degree angle  and helps center the shuttle in the bore of the nozzle
. Expect 1 to 1.5 more top end and improved midrange. Anodized Blue

Yam3 - $179.00


Yam4 -- fits all Yamaha PWC with 1.8 litre engine. Anodized Blue

Yam4 - $169.00

Fsyam --  Designed with the freestyler in mind, the Freestyle pump cone allows the engine to rev faster for the big tricks. Its small size lets a large volume of water move through the pump with less restriction than with the stock tailcone. This gives you more low end thrust for bigger trix!! Works great with a bored out stock nozzle to help provide even more low end. Fits all Yamaha pumps '90 - 04. Anodized Blue

FSYAM -$55.00     

Fsyamfx --  Fits 94-95 Yamaha FX1 pumps. Anodized Blue

FSYAMFX -$55.00



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For installation instructions for the Yamaha models, click here.  (Adobe PDF file)
For installation instructions for the FSYam model, click here.  (Adobe PDF file)

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